With 60 years of history, the Bilbao has managed to remain one of the most recognized restaurants on the gastronomic route of Barcelona. Away from temporary trends, this place continues to keep its spirit alive offering a traditional but updated cuisine. Not surprisingly, Pere Valls Isart, the owner and soul of the Bilbao, recalls that his entire life has been linked to the world of food & beverage. His grandmother and mother were cooks.

“For many years, my family owned and operated the inn in the municipality of Els Hostalets de Pierola where I was born and where my grandmother also managed the village casino.”

The Valls-Isart family acquired a space in the Perill street of Gracia, where they inaugurated a bar. “It was a family business that we ran together. After a few years, Pere Valls opted for a generation change and, aware of the possibilities of the business, decided to fully enter the culinary field.”

"Gastronomy was something that had always appealed to me, something I had lived and understood from my childhood. Probably this is why I realized I needed to go a little further and that it would good and necessary for the establishment to explore this field."

The Bilbao offers a traditional and elaborate cuisine that during the first 18 years was based on the experience and savoir-faire of Mr. Valls’ mother, whom he later replaced.

"I love to cook and I really enjoyed dedicating time and effort to the art; but as the years pass, there comes a time to slow down. For this reason since 20 years Jordi Olivet, a chef from the Escuela de Restauración, has taken over while perpetuating the spirit of the Bilbao. He is a young person with whom I have a good relation. His drive and professionalism enables him to bring modern touches to our dishes without straying away from our original recipes. He and the team bring their experience and youth together in order to perpetuate loyalty and dynamism".

With a devoted clientele that has made the Bilbao their meeting point and a clientele acquired by word of mouth, this restaurant welcomes people who appreciate a good cuisine and a genuine product.