The Bilbao menu card includes essential and unchanging classics that have delighted diners over the years. But every so often, Pere Valls surprises with new dishes that are reinvented or created out of seasonal products.

"I am excited about some classic Catalan recipes, as in the case of the Escudella i carn d'olla - which I will never cease to offer during the winter season, the "Ofegats" peas with bacon and black pudding, the" Trinxat "(cabbage and potato) or "Cap i pota" (tripe). I am also interested in other traditional dishes like Oxtail in red wine, roasted Spring Lamb, Turbot with garlic or Grilled lobster. On the other hand, we also like to bring a spark of innovation to our recipes, but have always avoided trends of the moment."
“We are pleased that our customers can distinguish each ingredient and thrive on making a simple cuisine that does not mask the main product whatever the dish. Hence, our menu contains options such as morels with foie gras and truffle, timbale of octopus or fried eggs with foie gras and truffle. I aslo believe that wine is an essential part of a good meal which I like to choose with care."

The Bilbao offers a traditional Market cuisine with a modern touch, caracterized by the use of locally sourced, seasonal and fresh products purchased on a daily basis from regional suppliers.